15 February 2014
From hundreds of applicants, Michael has been selected to take part in the 2014 Accidental Festival. The Accidental Festival is now in its ninth year — More
10 September 2013
Europe's first ever Lit Crawl was a sell-out success! Moving from venue to venue in London's Covent Garden and Soho, the evening culminated with — More
9 September 2013
The challenge currently facing prisons with regards sexual health and public opinion is not dissimilar to that faced by Edinburgh in the 1980s in the — More
28 July 2013
I imagined he was down on his luck – most people are round here, always passing through. There's no shame in that. I like it – it gives me a cycle of — More
14 August 2013
Ballistics is the debut novel from D W Wilson. It playfully and interestingly twists and pulls at the heart of what we understand about human — More
8 April 2013
While Ian McEwan’s recent piece in the Guardian is not expressly termed a treatise on the value of art, it is hard to see it otherwise. — More